With these words: Islam Jaber bid farewell to the fans of Zamalek

Islam Jaber, the first football team played in the club who moved to Al-Ahly Bank, was keen to send a message to the fans of Zamalek Club after leaving.

Where the player moved a final image to the ranks of Al-Ahly Bank with a 3-year contract from Zamalek Club, with the duo Hamdi Alaa and the renewal of the loan of Osama Faisal.

On his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, Islam Jaber wrote:

Goodbye, the great loyal fans of Zamalek.

And he continued in his last farewell message to Zamalek and his fans, saying:

Thank you, Zamalek club fans, for every moment you chant my name.

Thank you board of directors

Thanks all players

Thank you to everyone from the technical and administrative staff

Thank you dressing room workers

God knows that over the course of three years I did my best to make the ancient public happy, and I did not go one day to create any crises.

It is a great honor for me to be associated with the name of Zamalek Club

Urgent and in detail: The Zamalek trio to the National Bank officially:

Al-Ahly Bank Club officially announced the signing of three players from the Zamalek Club to move to the club, starting from the next season.

The trio is: the player of the team loaned to them from the ground up, Osama Faisal, where the loan was renewed for the next two seasons so that the player would continue in the National Bank.

The second player is Islam Jaber, who announced his transfer to Al-Ahly Bank with a 3-year contract as a final sale.

The third player is Hamdi Alaa, who returned from a loan from Smouha, where he was loaned to Al-Ahly Bank Club for a season, which is the next season.

Things were done officially, and this matter was announced by the National Bank administration a while ago.

Mohamed Bayoumi talks about Mohamed Sobhi's position:

Regulations and laws expert, Mohamed Bayoumi, revealed his opinion on the issue and file of Mohamed Sobhi, the team’s goalkeeper, who returned to the club hours ago.

Where Farco Club is preparing to file a complaint with the goalkeeper, because of what the club says that the club has made an item to buy it from Zamalek and that the goalkeeper is their right and is not entitled to return to Zamalek.

Mohamed Bayoumi, in his statements, said: If Farco Club has made the clause to buy the goalkeeper, here Farco has the right to complain about the player.

Here, the matter depends on the Farco Club. Did the purchase clause actually act or not, and when? Because after the end of the loan period, the eligibility to purchase is lost.


In his speech, Bayoumi indicated that the player has no right to object to the activation of the purchase clause because he agreed to it from the ground up, and it is possible for the club loaned to him to complain for violating the terms of the contract.


The loan contract is binding on all parties, and the clause must be activated before the end of the loan period, and at this timing is crucial in the matter.

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