Ahmed Refaat's first comment on the Jenish incident

In the first comment of Ahmed Refaat after his quarrel with his colleague Mahmoud Genish in the Ugandan Paul match in the African Confederation Championship.

Ahmed Refaat, the player of the Fuchter club, apologized for this unfortunate incident, in fact, which was between him and his colleague Mahmoud Jensh.

Through the story of his personal page on the social networking site Instagram, Ahmed Refaat wrote:

I must apologize to everyone who witnessed the situation in which I did not wish, I never appeared in it, and I assure you my appreciation and respect for everyone who was in the stadium. Your presence on my head.

I am sorry for my reaction from the first time I started as a professional player and I am trying to build an image that suits me, my upbringing, and the place to which I belong.

After the Zamalek trio moved to Al-Ahly Bank: Is the Al-Ahly Bank duo approaching Zamalek?

Major General Ashraf Nassar, head of the Al-Ahly Bank Club, revealed the current position of the duo of his team, Nasser Mansi and Ahmed Yassin.

Where the name of the duo was associated with joining Zamalek, during the past few days, and these rumors intensified in the past minutes after the transfer of the Zamalek trio to the National Bank.

Where the duo moved Hamdi Alaa and Osama Faisal on loan, and Islam Jaber a final transfer with a 3-year contract.

Ashraf Nassar, through press statements to him, said a little while ago: that Zamalek did not initially ask to include the aforementioned duo, and the transfer of the Zamalek trio has nothing to do with this duo.

Any other talk about any deals between us will be far from the trio deal that moved to us a while ago, and we were happy to support the team with the Zamalek trio, Islam Jaber, Osama Faisal, and Hamdi Alaa.

Hani Hathout talks about Mohamed Sobhi's file:

The media, Hani Hathout, commented on the file of Mohamed Sobhi, the team's goalkeeper, who returned from a loan from Farco to Zamalek a few hours ago, surprising the fans of Zamalek.

Hani Hathout, through his television program, said: that Amir Mortada was the password for the player's return to Zamalek, and it was an agreement from a long time ago between him and the player to return.

Amir was in constant contact with the player, even after the Zamalek fans attacked him in one of the matches, and the player will sign a contract for 4 years.

Mohamed Sobhi did not sign any contracts for the final transfer of Farco, and when they asked him, he asked to postpone the matter because he wanted to assess the period he would spend with them.

Indeed, Mohamed Sobhi had an offer from Al-Ahly and was excited, but he felt that the competition would remain strong with Al-Shennawy, Ali Lotfy, and Mustafa Schubert, and Wabash was excited about Al-Ahly.

Fargo was also not enthusiastic recently about his move to Al-Ahly because he felt that he would not gain anything from selling the player.

Hathout concluded: Farko is now studying the situation and preparing to file an official complaint against the player and the Zamalek club.

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