Zamalek’s comment on Mohamed Sobhi’s file

A source from within the Zamalek Club spoke about the current situation regarding the Farco Club’s decision, Mohamed Sobhi, and Zamalek Club’s complaint after the goalkeeper returned to the team’s ranks.

The player returned to the club, and the purchase clause in the loan contract was not activated, which Farco considered incorrect that he did the purchase clause, and decided to complain to Zamalek and the goalkeeper.

A source from the club commented on the matter and confirmed that the matter is settled, the player is the king of Zamalek after the end of the loan, and the player’s desire has finally settled the matter.

The property is subject to the player's desire, and he decided to return to Zamalek, in addition to that Farco did not officially implement the purchase clause.

The player did not sign contracts for the final transfer of Farco, and Farco did not send any money to Zamalek, except for a copy of a check only, which is an unofficial document.

The Football Association has not yet informed us of the arrival of any complaints from Farco against the player or against the club, and our position is completely correct.

Statements by Mamdouh Abbas's lawyer:

Mr. Kamal Shoaib, the lawyer for Mr. Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president, issued a press statement a while ago in which he clarified some things as he described them.

As news circulated that Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president, had seized the club's money in banks during the past few days, Abbas's lawyer came out and explained the situation.

Where he confirmed that Mamdouh Abbas obtained final rulings in his favor in the years 2015 and 2016 and that he refused to implement them until after the end of the sports season so as not to affect the club's teams, despite being subjected to daily insults.

He stressed that it is said that the club's treasury has half a million pounds, and the amounts owed to Mr. Mamdouh Abbas are 50 million pounds, and this amount does not harm the interest of the club if it is paid.

The issued statement confirmed that the seizure was not made on Zamalek's accounts in banks, but rather on one account in one bank only.

A Palestinian presented to the Zamalek Club:

As part of Zamalek's search for strengthening the team's offensive line in the new season, and the search for a distinguished striker.

One of the players' agents offered Palestinian Uday Al-Dabbagh to Zamalek officials to sign him during the upcoming summer transfers.

The player is a 23-year-old player from the Portuguese club Arauca, and he is a striker who is said to be a good striker and will be an addition to Zamalek.

The player's fate has not yet been decided, and the file was referred to the Portuguese coach Ferreira, the team's technical director, to discuss the matter.

The player moved to the Portuguese club Arauca from the Kuwaiti club Al-Qadisiyah and is considered the first Palestinian player to experience professionalism in the Portuguese league.

The team is now preparing for the 64th round of the African Champions League, after playing the Lusail Cup match, which Zamalek lost on penalties.

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