The best goalkeeper in Egypt from Ahmed Nagy's point of view

The former Al-Ahly goalkeeper coach and the current Cleopatra Cleopatra made statements with the media, Omar Rabie Yassin, in which he talks about several things.

Nagy revealed the best goalkeeper last season, Mohamed Sobhi, who recently returned to Zamalek.

Nagy confirmed that Sobhi's deal with Zamalek is very important for the team, but rather more important from his point of view in the current summer Mercato.

Nagy believes that the best solution in the case of owning two great goalkeepers is to give the primary position to one and give the other cup matches, stressing that the policy of the role is useless, according to his statements.

Nagy advised Farco Club to rely on the club's sons after Sobhi's departure, in light of the suspension of registration of players.

It is reported that the Safe Terry case has cost Farco a lot after a suspension penalty was passed, which will prevent Farco from making any new deals.

Summer transfers: Al-Masry signs an African striker:

Press reports revealed that the Egyptian club signed with Ghanaian Asante Kotoko star Frank Itoga in the current summer transfer season.

The Tioga deal comes immediately after the appointment of Captain Ihab Galal as technical director of Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, succeeding Brigadier General Hossam Hassan.

Ehab Galal, who will take over the file of the arrivals and departures, commissioned by the administration of Kamel Abu Ali, the new club president, who is returning for another term at the head of the Egyptian club’s board of directors.

And Ihab Galal will decide the final form of the strength of the Egyptian club, which had previously succeeded in contracting with more than one name from outside Egypt.

Earlier, he contracted with the Algerian duo Abdel Rahman Dagmoum and Imad El-Din Boubacar to strengthen the team's ranks.

On the condition that Jalal decides who is waiting for foreigners and who to leave because the Egyptian league teams are committed to a limited number of foreign professionals.

Omar Rabie Yassin: Shikabala is the unknown soldier in the Zamalek deal:

Zamalek succeeded in returning its goalkeeper, loaned to Farco, Mohamed Sobhi, to the ranks of the white team.

Yesterday, Zamalek revealed Sobhi’s return deal, despite all expectations that Mohamed Sobhi would continue with Farco because of the eligibility clause.

The journalist Omar Rabie Yassin revealed the decisive role of Shikabala in this resounding deal.

Omar Yassin revealed, in radio statements, the details of Shikabala's call to the returning Zamalek goalkeeper.

The call, which included Shikabala's inquiry about the fact that Mohamed Sobhi signed Al-Ahly Club, was completely denied by the goalkeeper.

Despite the goalkeeper's desire to play matches with Zamalek mainly, Cheka managed to convince him that the opportunity would definitely come to him, but Awad is the first goalkeeper in the current period.

It is noteworthy that this call was coordinated between captain Shikabala and the general supervisor of the ball, Amir Mortada Mansour, according to Omar Rabie Yassin's statements.

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