After his name sparked controversy in the past hours: the fate of Saleh Jumaa was decided

Real press reports indicated that the ceramic Cleopatra club's first-team player, Saleh Gomaa, approached Zamalek this summer.

Reports confirmed that the White Castle had not yet entered into negotiations with the Ceramica Cleopatra star in the first place.

Recently, there were reports of the White Knight's interest in including a ceramic game maker in the current summer Mercato.

It is worth noting that the club's president, Mortada Mansour, confirmed that he will announce the deals for Al-Abyad on Monday evening.

Zamalek announced the inclusion of Moroccan duo Zakaria Al-Wardi, Senegalese Ibrahima Ndiaye, and Ahmed Ayman Mansour.

Mortada Mansour invites the media:

The club's board chairman, Mortada Mansour, called for a press conference to be held at the Zamalek headquarters next Wednesday.

The President of the White Castle will hold a press conference, at eleven o'clock in the morning.

It is scheduled to address the White President to talk during the press conference about many important matters related to the club.


The White Knight is preparing to face his Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, in the meeting scheduled for September 18 in Cameroon.

The match is part of the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

The Football Association resolves the matter of Sobhi’s deal with this step:

Yesterday, Zamalek announced the return of its loaned goalkeeper to FARCO, Mohamed Sobhi.

This angered Farco officials because they claimed the correctness of their position in permanently including the player, according to the reports we referred to earlier.

Farco officials believe that the eligibility to purchase clause and their possession of Mohamed Sobhi's signature on the tripartite contract gives them the right to include the guard.

Other reports revealed the measures that the Egyptian Football Association will take to solve the problem in the event that Farco files a complaint.

This has not happened yet, but if the federation receives an official complaint stating that Sobhi signed for the two clubs, the dates of the contracts will be considered.

This is in addition to reviewing the date of activating the purchase clause in order to determine whether or not the position of Zamalek is correct.

This comes in light of Farco's anger at Zamalek's conclusion of the deal and their intention to file a complaint with FIFA to guarantee their rights, according to their view.

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