Reports: Mohamed Elneny is approaching this club

Turkish press reports issued this morning confirmed that Mohamed El-Ney, a player for the English club Arsenal, is close to moving to the Turkish League.

This transfer will be through the gate of Galatasaray Club, in whose ranks Mustafa Mohamed plays on loan from Zamalek.

This transfer is expected, and according to the Turkish press, it will be in January next, on loan for a period of 6 months.

The Turkish press said that an agreement had already been made between the Arsenal administration and the Galatasaray administration, and that the player had already agreed.

According to Turkish media reports, Muhammad Al-Nay agreed to reduce his salary by about half, after he had rejected this matter completely.

In any case, Elneny's contract with Arsenal expires at the end of the current season, and there is no news yet about the opening of the renewal file.

Moroccan newspapers: The date of the draw for the play-off round of the African qualifiers:

Moroccan press reports revealed a short while ago the expected date for the draw for the playoff round of the African qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022.

This is the draw that will take place between 10 teams, which is the first of the ten groups to be played in the meantime, to select the first of each group to enter the final draw.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, the draw will be held on December 18, between the ten teams to make 5 matches.

These five matches will be a home and away system between them, where the five teams qualify directly for the World Cup.

Special: Carteron is studying payment after God collected it in this center:

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, is preparing to modify the position of Abdullah Gomaa, the club's first football team player.

Abdullah Gomaa, who was about to leave the team, and decided at the last moment that he would remain with the team, Carteron was preparing to hire him in a new position.

This position is the center of the left wing, to be among the substitutes of Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi, if he is absent for any reason from any match.

Abdullah Gomaa’s opportunity has become difficult to occupy the left-back position, due to the presence of the duo Fattouh and Abdel Shafi, and the Frenchman wants to take advantage of the capabilities of any player to cross the difficult period ahead.

This is the period during which Zamalek will not be able to register new players due to the decision to stop the club’s registration by FIFA.

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