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Doubts about Vinaldom's future with Liverpool:

 The English media spoke Saturday evening about the future of Dutch midfielder Jenny Vennaldom.

And reports had come out the past few days linking the name Venaldome to leave Liverpool and move to play in the Italian or Spanish league beginning of the season

Vinaldom wants to stay in Liverpool but:

According to this information, Jenny Vinaldom's agent is currently finding it difficult to reach an agreement with the Liverpool administration regarding the renewal of the current Jenny Vinaldom contract.

The UK-based Sky Sport global network said that there is no intention for Dutchman Jenny Vennaldum to leave Liverpool and he is happy to be there.
With reds.

At the same time, Jenny Vennaldom is one of the main pillars that the German coach Juergen Klopp has always stuck to in the Liverpool squad, so it is expected that there will be a shared desire to keep the Dutchman.

It is noteworthy that the Dutch contract Jenny Vennaldom with Liverpool will expire after 12 months, specifically in the summer of 2021.

Sancho mysterious comment on Arnold's statement about his move to Liverpool:

Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund's current German star, has mysteriously commented on the statement of Liverpool's right-back Alexander Arnold, on his welcome to the idea of ​​the Reds contracting with his countryman.

Sancho is satisfied with an emoji in response to Arnold's statement that he moved to Liverpool
And Arnold appeared in a live broadcast on "Instagram" and responded to playing alongside Sancho in Liverpool: "He will make the team better if he moves to us.

 Dortmund star commented on the statements of the Liverpool defender mysteriously, as he set eyes as an emoji on what his teammate said to the Three Lions without saying anything else, which opens the door for possibilities for his transfer to the Reds.

Manchester United, Liverpool's traditional rival, is the closest to bringing the player to the next transfer market for at least 100 million pounds.

It is worth noting that Jadon Sancho's contract with his current team, Borussia Dortmund, will end in the summer of 2022, and he participated with the Festivals Lions this season in 35 games, and he scored 17 goals and made 19 others.

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