The Schalke player found alive after his death was announced

 In the style of fictional films, the German club Schalke 04 has come to the news of the finding of its former Congolese defender, Heiank Kampa, 4 years after his death was announced.

After his disappearance, Kampa's death was announced in 2016 and his ex-wife benefited from his life insurance policy and received a six-digit amount (one million euros), so she will be investigated for fraud.

The former Schalke player "returns to life":

According to the German newspaper "Bild", Kampa is working as a chemist in an energy laboratory, which means that he is alive and kicking after he was dead on paper since January 9, 2016 in an alleged traffic accident.

The newspaper added that Kamba's friends left him in the middle of the night during their flight in the Congo and took his papers, money, and phone from him, but he returned to Germany two years ago and claimed that he resorted in 2018 to the German embassy in Kinshasa to report the fabrication of the news of his death.

Kampa was considered one of the most promising talents when he was defending the colors of Schalke squad alongside current Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, which led to his promotion to the first team before he then left to play in one of the eight clubs in Germany.

An interesting suggestion of reducing English Premier League time :

 Gordon Taylor, CEO of the Professional Players Association, suggested that the English Premier League time be reduced when it returns under the current circumstances due to the spread of the Coronavirus, which has stopped all sporting activities.

The Players Association proposes to reduce the English Premier League time
Taylor spoke on BBC Radio, “We have to wait.  What we do know are the ideas that we put forward through a larger number of substitutions.

It is noteworthy that the meeting, which lasted for 4 hours between representatives of the English clubs and the English Football Association, reached 3 proposals on the return of the Premier League again.

The first is the return of the exercises while maintaining the guidelines for social distancing. And try to complete the matches behind closed doors.

The second was the use of medical consultants to take the necessary health measures for players and training teams.

The third is to complete the season in neutral stadiums away from epidemic hotspots, such as "Manchester City Stadium, West Ham and Newcastle" as initial proposals.

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