The Leicester coach dismisses the idea of ​​hiring Felipe Coutinho

 Brendan Rodgers, the coach of the Leicester team, has ruled out the idea of ​​signing Barcelona's Felipe Coutinho.

Brazilian star Felipe Coutinho is currently on loan with Bayern Munich, on loan for a season, with the possibility of being included in the summer.

However, the Bayern Munich administration seems to have dismissed the contract with Brazilian Coutinho, preferring to acquire the services of German Leroy Sani, Manchester City star.

Coutinho is far from joining Leicester:

And English press reports indicated in the recent period about Leicester City's desire to sign a contract with the Brazilian Coutinho, amid reports that he had not returned to his original club Barcelona.

But Lester City coach Brendan Rodgers quickly responded to the news of Foxin 's contract with Coutinho.

According to Joel, Rodgers spoke in its global version, saying, "contracting with Coutinho? I have seen a lot of speculation about Felipe's future, of course he is a great player, and distinguished talent, but he is far from the price segment that can be provided to our players. ”

Kiki Citin excludes the idea of ​​Barcelona signing Neymar:

 Barcelona coach Kiki Citin ruled out the idea of ​​the club signing the French Saint-Germain star Neymar da Silva during the summer transfer market.

The name of the Brazilian star Neymar da Silva has been linked to returning to Barcelona in the summer, after he departed from the Blaugrana in the summer of 2017.

Neymar left Barcelona after Paris Saint-Germain paid the value of the penalty clause in his contract, which amounted to about 222 million euros.

Barcelona will not sign Neymar in the summer:

Since last summer, Neymar has been trying in various ways to persuade the PSG administration to allow him to leave, but to no avail.

The Barcelona administration will again try to contract with Neymar, but in light of the current crisis of Coronavirus that has stopped football, the question of the Brazilian star's return seems difficult.

Kiki Citin spoke to the Italian newspaper "Gazzetta Dello Sport" saying "222 million euros for the inclusion of Neymar?" 

"Football lives at an irregular pace, and many small clubs are suffering now, and in the first serious shock they entered into a crisis," he added.

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