Ronaldinho stipulated that Flamingo be allowed to stay up late and attend night parties

The network "Bn Sports" reported that the legend Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, the former Barcelona star, was enjoying his time during his time with Flamingo in 2011 before he departed from the club after one year.

Flamingo allowed Ronaldinho to stay up late and attend night parties:

The news network said that the player stipulated that during his contract the club should have a clause allowing him to watch and attend concerts twice a week.

The player spent a year with the team during which he scored 19 goals and made 13 others before his departure after entering into crises with the club.

The newspaper "Globusporte" revealed that the player's departure from Flamengo was due to his recklessness, his inaction, his constant night scandals, and the presence of the drunk "drunk".

It is noteworthy that the Brazilian star is currently living under house arrest until the end of his trial due to the issue of false documents after his release from prison.

 Ronaldinho and his brother were arrested while they were in a Paraguay hotel because they entered the country with fake passports and fake ID cards.

Citin will sign Dembele again:

 The Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" confirmed Friday morning that Barcelona coach Kiki Seiten is planning to rely on the Frenchman, Othman Dembele, in the coming period, which reflects all expectations.

The future of Frenchman Othmane Dembele with Barcelona became especially unknown after he participated in less than 20% in the Catalan club's games this season due to injuries.

The Spanish newspaper stated that Othmane Dembele is also not intending to leave Barcelona this summer, despite some of the problems he faces.

Dembele will not leave Barcelona and the City will want it as a new deal
The Frenchman, Osman Dembele, entered Barcelona with his third season but suffered a lot of injuries during them, which prevented him from providing a good return during this period with the Catalan club.

In addition to his behavior, which some described as bad because he was not well organized in training and was always late, which made him the focus of attention of coach Valverde and the Barcelona administration.

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