Reasons why Pjanic failed and Georginho succeeded with Sari

 Miralem Pjanic played the role of "Regista" with coach Mauricio Sari's team at Juventus, but despite the great reliability he received from the Tuscan coach, he did not like many in the number of crucial matches that Juventus played between January and February.

Pjanic was especially criticized for his performance in the last two months with the Bianconeri before football matches in Italy and Europe stopped due to the pandemic of the Coruna virus.

Through the comparison held by the Italian press between Pjanic and other players who played the same role with coach Sari, we can understand the Bosnian star’s performance for a while. Georgina is considered one of the most brilliant players under the management of the current coach of Juventus, by working together in Naples and Chelsea.

Pjanic excels in personal solutions :

Sari's playing style with all the teams he coached is great for the ball, which is not always appropriate for the characteristics of Pjanic, who can be described as a late gamer, who works more to move the balls forward rather than swiftly moving between the feet.

Pjanic's numbers this season show with Juventus that he is a midfielder who is able to make a more decisive influence more than the numbers of Chelsea star Jorginho, as he is more suitable for personal solutions than collective, as the average number of goals he scored is 0.15 and is slightly greater than this number Georginho Season - and he was performing with Surrey last season as well.

While the Bosnian international superstar has an average of 3.68 attempts per game, while Georgina has 2.15 attempts per game, and the statistics also indicate a slight superiority of Pjanic on the level of prevarication.

Jorgen is a solid gear in the Maurizio Sari game machine:

But what distinguishes Georginho and makes him more successful are his higher numbers in terms of successful passes in every marathon ... as he has 61 successful passes in almost every match compared to 56 successful passes for the star of the Bianconeri, and his longitudinal passes make him more distinguished and accurate as he has an average of 7.31 passes Successful longitudinal per match, against 4.14 for Miralem.

The Chelsea player also has better statistics regarding the ball retrieval and the opponents' opponents..and in general the Italian-Brazilian player has distinctive defensive abilities, he is very involved in defensive work, even if he loses approximately 8 balls per game compared to 7 balls lost by Pianic In every match with the old lady.

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