Periodical news, Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi League)

Determining the position of the soma and the Saudi Al-Ahly foreigners in reducing salaries:

 Press reports revealed today, Monday, the position of domestic and foreign players from the salary cuts, during the current stopping period, due to the suspension of sports activity in the Kingdom.

Professional Association agrees to cut salaries:

The Association of Professionals had agreed to start negotiating between club departments with players, coaches, and members of the technical staff about reducing salaries by 50%, provided that the club would commit to a minimum salary of at least 20 thousand riyals or its equivalent during the layoff period.

The decision to reduce the salaries of players and technical devices to reduce club expenses, after suspending activity in the Kingdom, since 15 March last, is part of the precautionary measures to reduce the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the possibility of competitions returning after 3 months.

In the past hours, the Saudi Football Federation informed all the clubs of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, of the initial date for the return of the current season’s competitions.

Al-Ahly locals agree to cut salaries:

According to the Saudi newspaper “Al-Iqtisadiya”, the Al-Ahly administration received the approval of all local players to reduce salaries, in addition to the Syrian professional Omar Al-Soma.

The Saudi newspaper pointed out that the Al-Ahly club is awaiting the response of the remaining foreign players until the decision is applied to all players.

Soma is at the forefront of foreigners .. Al-Ahly is waiting:

In the same context, the Saudi newspaper indicated that there was no objection to the reduction and that half of the players were approved, and the rest who are outside Saudi Arabia will be contacted again by e-mail.

The source stressed to the Saudi newspaper, that the oral address between Al-Ahly management and the players did not witness any objection from any player, and that it is only a matter of time

Omar Alsomah refuses to travel to Kuwait:

 Omar Al-Soma, the Saudi Al-Ahly team striker, refused to travel to Kuwait to meet his family, due to the repercussions of the new Coronavirus.

The Syrian striker informed the management of the club of his stay in Jeddah for the current period, as it is preferable to stay in Jeddah, in light of the house quarantine at present, as a precaution against the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

The Al-Ahly foreign players had all left for their country, along with Serbian Vladan, the coach of the team, and his assistant technical staff.

On the other hand, Muhannad Asiri, the striker of the first football team, continues the qualifying steps with training in the cycling, walking and strengthening muscles, until he is given the green light to return to strength training, where the medical device prefers to wait until the return of sports activity while strengthening his muscles in the current period.

And the Saudi soccer competitions witnessed a complete stoppage since last March due to the current health crisis, and the authorities did not specify any proposed dates so far to resume the activities.

The players of Al-Ahly Jeddah left the foreigners to their countries due to the disruption of activity in Saudi Arabia, to come at the time that the Al-Ahly administration announces the return of the exercises again.

Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia regains its defense in the layoff:

 Press reports, today, Monday, good news for the fans of Al-Ahly Jeddah club, regarding the developments of the injury of Mohamed Khabrani, defender of the "Al-Raqi" team, during the current stopping period.

Suspending sports activity in Saudi Arabia:

The Ministry of Sports suspended sports activity in the Kingdom in the middle of last March, with various sports, all championships, competitions, and group training, for an indefinite period, due to the outbreak of the "Corona" virus.

The Saudi League championship matches stopped immediately after the end of the twenty-second round, and Al-Hilal team sits on the throne of the local championship table with 51 points, followed by Al-Nasr with 45 points.

In the past hours, the Saudi Football Federation informed all the clubs of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, of the initial date for the return of the current season’s competitions.

My news is ready to share with Al Ahly:

He had suffered a severe injury, as he suffered from a second-degree tear in the posterior muscle, which prevented him from participating with Al-Ahly for several months, as he started his rehabilitation program two months ago.

According to the Saudi newspaper “Al-Iqtisadiya”, Khubrani has finished the rehabilitation program that he started two months ago to recover from his injury, and he is ready to participate with Al-Ahly players after the return of sports activity.

In the same context, the Saudi newspaper pointed out that Muhannad Asiri and Noah Al-Mousa, the two teams of Al-Ahly, are continuing their rehabilitation programs with the medical device led by Tunisian Hatem Jumaa.

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