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An Egyptian solution saves Mohamed Salah from the boredom of isolation

Sanitation measures imposed on citizens and residents of England continue to be one of the countries worst affected by the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mohamed Salah and healthy England removal
Of course, the stars of the ball undergo similar procedures, especially since many cases between players, coaches, and officials have appeared to contract the virus, including Arsenal coach Michael Artita.

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, and the Egyptian team live in the same position as the rest of the Premier League, which made him try to break the boredom of health isolation in a largely "Egyptian" way.

Where Salah posted on "Instagram" Instagram clips of the Egyptian comedy series "In Lalla Land", which contains many comedy stars such as Donia Samir Ghanem, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and others, in an attempt to overcome the state of boredom that many suffer from this period.
Muhammad Salah had previously published pictures of him while he was engaged in in-home training, and another for advertising purposes.

The former Zamalek star criticizes El-Hadary because of Mohamed Salah

Ahmed Eid Abdel Malek, the former star of Zamalek, criticized the remarks of veteran goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, in which he spoke about Liverpool's Liverpool star and Mohamed Salah

Abdul-Malik criticizes El-Hadary
El-Hadary was asked in television statements whether he considered Mohamed Salah is the best player in the history of Egypt compared to his accomplishments, most notably winning the English Premier League twice, and obtaining the Champions League title.

Al-Hadary responded that Salah is a great player, but he lacks a championship with the Egyptian national team. This response raised the eyebrows of many followers.

In response to the comment by the veteran goalkeeper, Abdel Malek said: “Al-Hadary Saban says that Salah is the most dangerous player in the history of Egypt and he says in great people that his view is respected and respected.

Abdel Malek continued: "And I want to tell you that Salah Mitqarnash, and had it not been for Salah Salah, you could not have achieved your dream and went to the World Cup if this was your choice for the honor to benefit the team."

How did the value of Muhammad Salah and Riyadh Mahrez evolve between FIFA 14 and FIFA 20?
Without a doubt, this period in the world of football is considered the best for the Arab players through their remarkable brilliance in the world of external professionalism on the continent of Europe.

Many Arab stars now shine in the global football sky, and currently play in the largest European clubs, and get the continental and local championships with their current teams.

The Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the current Liverpool star, and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City winger, and the Moroccan Hakim Ziyash, the Ajax player, are the most prominent Arab stars of our time.

A huge development for Arab stars in the FIFA game

The famous game "FIFA" also confirms the brilliance of these players, given the previous "Salah, Mahrez and Ziyash" cards, and compared them to their current cards.
In the FIFA version of 2014, the trio cards were normal, and none of them even reached the gold card - those with energies greater than 75 - but now the situation has changed 180 degrees, and we now see them with legendary cards that compete with the stars of global football.

Mohamed Salah
In the FIFA version of 2014, the Egyptian star card was only 74, meaning that he did not even advance to the gold card, and now the Salah card in the current version of 2020 has reached 90, and he has been in the seasoned squad so far with an exceptional card evaluated 97.

Riad Mehrez
The same thing happened with Mahrez, in the FIFA version of 2014, Mahrez's silver card was like Salah, and its rating is 65, and now his card is in FIFA 2020 "84", and he also appeared in this version of the season lineup so far with a card whose rating has reached 95.

Hakim Ziyash
A Moroccan football star in the FIFA version of 2017, the evaluation of his card reached only 69, and in that version, Ziyash's evaluation reached 85, and the game made an exceptional version of his card, whose rating reached 90.

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