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The Manchester United star resembles himself with Iniesta: I can play like him

 Manchester United player Bruno Fernandez was very impressed by the former Barcelona player Andre Iniesta, given his glory in the Blaugrana shirt in previous years.

The new Red Devils star wants to follow in the footsteps of the Barça legend, seeing that there are similarities in the roles that the world champion was playing and what he is doing now at Old Trafford.

Manchester United star: I can play like Iniesta:

The Portuguese told the official website of his club: "The player that I like to watch and want to follow in his footsteps is Iniesta, it is a mix between the midfielder and the playmaker, and this is what I can do well now."

Fernandez became a fan of the Red Devils although only a few months had passed since his presence in their midst, he succeeded through them with his decisive passes and goals to win the hearts of the Manu fans, especially as he won the February player award in the English Premier League.

Paul Haines opens fire on Pogba: your time is up in Manchester United!

 Former Manchester United soccer star Paul Ains has opened fire on Paul Pogba, the team's midfield, stressing that the French time at the club has reached the finish line.

Haines asked the management of the English club to drop the Pogba contract next summer by selling it to Italian Juventus or Real Madrid, Spain, once the season is over.

The former international English critic criticized what he called "circus" Pogba at Old Trafford and thought that the French did not return the debt to the club, which paid 110 million euros to sign him from Juventus in 2016.

Ains criticizes Pogba and sees the necessity of his departure from Manchester United
"It is very disappointing," Ains said. 

"But Pogba's performance alongside his off-field behavior was not a good thing for the club, I think for me that Paul's time at the club is over," Ains continued on the British Powder Foundation network.

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