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Juventus manager confirms the existence of negotiations with Barcelona on Artur:

Juventus Sports Director Fabio Baratici confirmed that there were negotiations with Barcelona regarding the exchange deal that the media are talking about with the transfer of Artur Milo to the Allianz Stadium and Miralem Pjanic joining the Catalan battalion.

And surrounds the mystery about the future of Brazilian Artur Melo in the past weeks, as some sources claimed that Barcelona is ready to sell it in light of the economic crisis that he suffers from, especially since the player suffers from a problem of fluctuation in the level and discipline, although he denied a few days ago the possibility of his departure from the club.

On the other hand, Barcelona wants to sign with Miralem Pjanic, who has tried to join him on more than one occasion during the past decade.

Juventus and Barcelona are negotiating a reciprocal deal with Paradise recognition
The sports director of the Bianconeri club explained that there are already talks with Barcelona regarding the exchange deal, but he did not confirm that the two parties reached any agreement until this moment.

"A reciprocal deal with Barcelona between Artur and Pjanic?" Baratese said in comments reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca. We are talking to Barcelona now as it is with many other clubs because it will be a hot summer. We need new ideas, offers of exchange and things like that next summer. ”

Juventus' Matuidi reveals details of his experience with the Coronavirus:

 Before his eventual defeat, Blaise Matuidi, the star of the Italian club Juventus, confirmed that his infection with the Coronavirus had a severe impact on his psychological state.

"Quite frankly, it was difficult, when I came out with a positive test result, I was not able to go out shopping, it made me mentally ill," Matuidi said, in comments reported by FootballPost Italy.

Matuidi: I was afraid for my family during my crisis with Corona:

The French midfielder explained the details of his experience with Corona, and said: “You always try to make sure that there is no one close to you in a great measure, you have to be mentally strong, it will take time, that is a new position for all of us.”

The Bianconeri star continued: “I had no symptoms, but as soon as I heard the news I was shocked, I was afraid for my family and friends.”

And the world champion with France in 2018 continued his speech, saying: “It was difficult for them, but I was able to reassure them. It was not a great time. We want it to end as soon as possible.”

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