Games were to take place today but were postponed due to SK

Games were to take place today but were postponed due to SK

A field of stagnation in the whole world, not long ago, with the suspension of all major Arab and European leagues. Because of coronavirus outbreaks.

It is certain that the period that everyone is going through is extremely difficult due to the Corona virus, which continues to spread and affects it in all areas in general and football in particular, after its spread and the number of people increased horrific in many countries of the world. This results in stopping sports activity.

With the passage of days, football fans started nostalgia for the past when the matches were playing normally, especially with the lack of clarity yet regarding the date of the return of all competitions.

As we used to do before publishing the match schedule today, we will publish it differently this time with "The schedule of games that would have been played today but was postponed due to the current circumstances."

The schedule of matches that would have been held today, Saturday 09/05/2020, but was postponed due to Corona:

The matches will be played today in the English Premier League
Aston Villa against Arsenal.

Liverpool vs Chelsea.

Manchester United vs West Ham.

Watford against Manchester City.

Tottenham vs. Leicester City.

Norwich City / Burnley.

Wolverhampton vs. Crystal Palace.

Brighton v. Newcastle.

Sheffield vs Everton.

Bournemouth v. Southampton.

Matches will be held today in the Emirates League
Kalba Union against Al Ahly youth Dubai.

The eye against loneliness.

The matches were to be played today in the Jordanian League
Ramna against the clouds.

Meanings against the outright.

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