Games were to take place today but were postponed due to SK

 A sphere of gloom stagnation that the world has been experiencing for quite some time now, with all major Arab and European leagues suspended. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Certainly, a very difficult period for everyone to pass because of the Coronavirus, which continues to spread and its impact in all areas in general and football in particular, after its spread and the number of terrifyingly increasing numbers in many countries of the world. Resulting in the sports activity.

With the passage of days, football fans started nostalgia for the period when the matches were playing normally, especially with the lack of clarity of vision so far about the date of the return of all competitions.

As we used to before publishing the schedule of matches today, we will publish them differently this time with "the schedule of matches that would have been played today but was postponed due to the current circumstances."

The schedule of matches that would have been played today, Friday 05/08/2020, but was postponed due to SK

Games were to be played today in the CAF Champions League semi-finals
Zamalek Egyptian against Moroccan sports hope.

Al-Ahly of Egypt against Moroccan sports club Wydad.

Games were to be played today in the Saudi League
Victory against Al-Fayhaa.

Crescent against firmness.

Cooperation against the agreement.

Al-Ahly against youth.

Games were to be played today in the UAE League
Sharjah against Al Dhafra.

Al-Wasl vs Khor Fakkan.

Hanna vs. Ajman.

Games were to be played today in the Jordanian league
Al-Hussein I want against the youth of Jordan.

Salt against Al-Faisaly.

An unexpected reaction from Murtada Mansour to the episode of Tariq Hamed with Ramiz Jalal

 Chancellor Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, decided to raise the fine signed by Tariq Hamid, the midfielder of the club's first football team, which was estimated at 500 thousand pounds, because of his appearance with the insane Ramiz Jalal.

Murtada Mansour cancels the fine for Tariq Hamid:

Murtada Mansour confirmed that Tariq Hamed taught Majniz Ramiz a lesson in the manhood of Zamalek, and taught him Alaq in the studio for the program among his men.

Hamed was Ramiz Jalal's guest on Friday’s episode of the famous “Maqabab” program, and he assaulted him and his team.

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