Games were to take place today but were postponed due to SK

A sphere of gloom stagnation that the world has been experiencing for quite some time now, with all major Arab and European leagues suspended.

Certainly, a very difficult period for everyone to pass because of the Coronavirus, which continues to spread and its impact in all areas in general and football in particular, after its spread and the number of terrifyingly increasing numbers in many countries of the world. Resulting in the sports activity.

With the passage of days, football fans started nostalgia for the period when the matches were playing normally, especially with the lack of clarity of vision so far about the date of the return of all competitions.

As we used to before publishing the schedule of matches today, we will publish them differently this time with "the schedule of matches that would have been played today but was postponed due to the current circumstances."

The schedule of games that would have been played today, Thursday 05/07/2020, but was postponed due to Coruna

Today's matches in the European League:

According to the tournament's schedule, the second-leg matches of the semi-finals of the European League competition were scheduled.

Games were to be held today in the Saudi League
Al-Fateh against Al-Ittihad

Your hug against Abha.

Games were to be played today in the Emirati League
The island against Baniyas.

Fujairah against victory.

Games were to be played today in the Jordanian league
The units against the island.

Al-Ahly vs. Aqaba.

How did Ronaldo become a goal machine with Manchester United?

 Former Manchester United player Darren Fletcher revealed the role of former team manager Walter Smith Ferguson in converting Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo and former Red Devils star machine into the Red Devils shirt.

The Manchester United player reveals how Ronaldo turned into a goal machine
Despite the short period spent by Smith with United, which did not exceed 6 months, but he played a big role in transforming Ronaldo to the player more fierce and faster

Fletcher stated via "The Lockdown Tactics" that Cristiano had a difficult time in the beginning and he kept the ball significantly and his decisions were not fast, but he dealt with that as he possessed a strong personality, and he had special training in the gym and turned into a monster and the club environment will also help him to do so...

The former United player explained that Ferguson's assistant decided during the training that no player would get a mistake when his teammate intervened on him and that this made Ronaldo move the ball faster and runs because he knows that if someone makes a mistake, the training will continue.

"After a few weeks, Ronaldo started touching the ball once or twice, moving without the ball and starting to score more goals," Fletcher stressed.

Ronaldo left Trafford and left for Real Madrid in 2009 and now for the Bianconeri.

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