Egyptian League news today

Egyptian League news today

Analysis .. Zamalek and the mania of slap electrification that destroys it for the benefit of Al Ahly:

 Zamalek club officials, led by Mortada Mansour, refuse to forget the slap of Al-Ahly Al-Ahly and his council Mahmoud Al-Khatib regarding contracting Mahmoud Kahraba during the last winter transfers for free after the 26-year-old broke his contract with Deportivo Avish of Portugal.

Zamalek is angry at Al-Ahly because of the inclusion of Kahraba:

Zamalek club management believes that Al-Ahly was behind the escape of electrification from the team last summer towards Portugal as a "station" to join him for free last January, and he is a player whose value is not less than 5 million dollars.

The Zamalek club filed a complaint with the Egyptian and international federations regarding the escape of electrification from its ranks last summer, and the Confederation champion wants to stop the Al-Ahly player in the coming period.

Mortada Mansour said in previous press statements during the last period, that he will receive compensation from Al-Ahly with a value ranging from 200 to 300 million Egyptian pounds due to the kidnapping of electrification from the White Castle, which is linked to a contract with the champion of the Confederation.

Far from the legal corps that Zamalek officials are taking in the last period to obtain the right of the team from Kahraba, there are other ways the champion of the Confederation is going to take revenge on the Red Fort by trying to kidnap a strong star from Al-Ahly stars.

Hossam Ashour and Zamalek:

And Zamalek club, Hossam Ashour, places Al-Ahly captain at the head of his options to return a blow to electrification after Red Devils officials decided not to renew the player's contract that expires next June and it will be a strong blow to Mahmoud Al-Khatib's council by kidnapping the owner of the number 25 by a free transfer deal.

However, Zamalek Club is facing great difficulties in including Hossam Ashour because it is close to him and his family refuses to transfer him to the white classes, which will destroy his history with the Red Fort.

Hossam Ashour decided to retire in the ranks of Al-Ahly club at the end of the current season if he decided to continue in the stadiums, and he would consider taking experience in the Saudi or Emirati league and would not play in Egypt except for the Red Devils.

Saleh Gomaa and Zamalek:

Zamalek club was linked in the case of his obsession with the slap of electrification, with the inclusion of Saleh Jumah from Al-Ahly in the next summer transfer window.

Zamalek club is armed with the presence of Saleh Jumah's brother, Abdullah in his ranks, and the player not participating with Al-Ahly this season to sign him this summer.

But Al-Ahly club knows about the moves of Zamalek regarding the inclusion of Saleh Jumaa, so he refused to cancel the contract of the number 10 during the last period and settled on selling it next summer, and he will put a condition not to play in a team in the Egyptian league, especially Al-Abyad if he decides to return to the Egyptian championship.

And some press reports said that Saleh Jumaa does not want to move to the ranks of Zamalek next summer because he is linked to a contract with Al-Ahly.

Amr Gamal and Azaro and moving to the ranks of Zamalek:

Amr Gamal and Walid Azzaro, loaned from Al-Ahly club until the end of the current season, entered the vanguard of the army and the Saudi agreement within Zamalek’s interests to return to his consideration of the Red Devils in the Mahmoud Kahraba deal.

Zamalek officials are trying, through intermediaries, to persuade Amr Gamal to break his contract with Al-Ahly next summer and move to the ranks of the White Genie for a huge salary, but the 29-year-old does not prefer playing in the dead obstacle because he loves the Red Devils and remains two years in his contract with the red.

Meanwhile, Zamalek Club is seeking Moroccan Walid Azzaro to include him in the summer through a "European station" to return in January 2021 to El Abyad.

Al-Ahly club officials know the intention of the Black Zamalek, so they will put a condition in the Moroccan contract if it is finally sold in the coming summer, preventing it from transferring to the white rows or team in the Egyptian league.

Zamalek and a mistake in the priorities:

Zamalek club officials should focus on their material and moral right from Mahmoud Kahraba's escape from his ranks last summer and forget about hitting Al-Ahly in his former stars because many priorities need a great work from Mortada Mansour’s council, such as the renewal of Patrice Carteron's contract and the renewal of Hazem Imam’s contract and new deals and players Loaned and departed.

And forgetting the priorities mentioned previously from the management of Zamalek, it is a big mistake, because Al-Abyadh will harm the focus on kidnapping a star from Al-Ahly and not focusing on its problems.

Zamalek must work legally to obtain his right in the case of electrifying flight because Al-Abiad has a distinguished group of players and the previous names that he wants to include from Al-Ahly will not benefit him permanently at the technical level.

Zamalek needs strong deals on the right front and the pivot of defense, attack, and play industry to compete strongly with the national rivals and the continuation of the distinguished level presented by Patrice Carteron before the cessation of sports activity in mid-March.

And if Zamalek wanted to include a player who would suffer Al-Ahly and respond to the slap of Mahmoud Kahraba, it is Ramadan Sobhi, who wished Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the ball during the past week, to include him, which is a difficult choice, but everything is contained in the world of football, which is controlled by the matter and scarcity of affiliation.

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