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Tariq Hamid unveils for the first time his famous crisis with Kahraba

 Tariq Hammad, the star of Zamalek and the Egyptian team, revealed the secrets and scenes of his argument with Mahmoud Kahraba, the star of Al Ahly and his former teammate in the ranks of the white team, during the Egyptian Super match in the Emirates.

Tariq Hamed: Kahraba is the one who provoked me:

"Kahraba was the one who initially provoked me and pushed me into an argument with him," Hamed said on television.

Ramez Jalal, the official presenter of the Ramez Majnoon program, mocked on NBC Egypt the crisis of the second, saying: “Electrify with a right.”

Tariq Hamid was very emotional with Ramez Jalal and his team after they turned against him in the episode.

 Ahmed Suleiman, the former Egypt goalkeeper coach, revealed the true reports that were reported as the reason behind Essam El-Hadary's escape from Al-Ahly in 2008.

Suleiman said during televised comments: “Al-Hadari always listened to my advice, but I was not aware of the issue of his escape and I did not incite him to do so.”

Suleiman: I am innocent of the urban escape:

It is worth noting that Suleiman ran for the presidency of Zamalek in the last elections and a state of conflict and crises erupted between him and Mortada Mansour, the current club president.

Tareq Hamed about verbally assaulting Zamalek players: “They are used to it.”

 Tariq Hamed, the star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, talked about his nervousness with his team mates during the important matches.

Tariq Hamed admits to the cause of his colleagues in Zamalek:

Asked about the possibility of verbally assaulting Zamalek players, Hamid said in televised comments: "Yes, it happens."

Tariq Hamed had been a guest on the official Ramez Majnoun program for pranks, which will be broadcast on MBC Egypt during the month of Ramadan.

What did Tariq Hamid say about Al-Ahly fans?

 Ramez Jalal, presenter of the official Ramez Majnoun dumps program, which is broadcast on MBC Egypt in the month of Ramadan, tried to provoke Tariq Hamden, the star of Zamalek's midfield and the Egyptian national team.

Tareq Hamed: Respected Ahly fans:

Ramez told Tariq: “Al-Ahly fans do not love you and recommend me to you.”

Tariq Hamid replied: "No, Al-Ahly fans are very respectable people."

Hamed had encroached on Ramez Jalal and his team during the Friday episode of the official Ramez Majnoon program.

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