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Battle of the Corona margin .. Muhammad Al-Shennawi and the Red Aura

 He was subjected to widespread and scathing criticism during the last period and an unjustified attack at times, as it is not suitable to protect the den of the Century Club in Africa and does not fit Al-Ahly club at all. His return to the ranks of the Red Devils was a big mistake.

Mohamed El-Shennawi: Al-Ahly Club Wall:

Mohamed El-Shennawy did not turn away from the scathing criticism he was exposed to during the last period by Al-Ahly fans and the Egyptian media regarding his slightly shaky level in protecting the den of the Red Devils.

And Mohamed El-Shennawy managed, during the last season, the current one, and in particular the latter, to win wide and broad popularity from the fans of Al-Ahly club, which was attacking him previously, after he presented a very distinguished level and a brilliant performance, impressed with the red shirt.

The numbers of Mohamed El-Shennawi and Al-Ahly are reflected during the current season, as he kept his net in 18 games and received only 9 goals in 27 games, on the strong and wonderful level, along with the Red Devils.

Mohamed El-Shennawi is considered one of the main pillars in the Swiss squad, Rene Filer and the Egyptian team, which caused the departure of Sharif Ekrami at the end of the current season because he cannot tolerate the bench of the Red Devils.

Al-Ahly club officials plan to extend Mohamed El-Shennawy's contract during the coming period and raise his annual salary to 12 million pounds in the coming years after his distinguished level.

The Battle of Muhammad Al-Shennawi in the recent period:

During the hiatus in sports, Mohamed El-Shennawi faces a strong battle over his future with Al-Ahly because he has several attractive offers to leave the Red Castle.

Some press reports indicate that Mohamed Al-Shennawi has an offer from a European team for professionalism this summer, but he is facing great difficulty in leaving the Al-Ahly club, which he adheres strongly to and does not want to sell, particularly after his brilliance and the departure of Sharif Ekrami.

And Mohammed Al-Shennawi has become in front of two options to continue in Al-Ahly club with a new contract, a huge salary, the formation of an aura, a date and a name such as the giant Issam Al-Hadary or take the step of professionalism in Europe?

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