Beckham reached an important agreement with Real Madrid

 David Beckham, the owner of Inter Miami, reached an agreement with Real Madrid, to play a friendly match between the two teams as soon as football matches returned, after a period of stopping due to the Corona pandemic.

Beckham owns Inter Miami, which is preparing for the NBA, for the first time in its history, starting in the new season.

David Beckham is looking to sign several international stars, led by James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, and Arturo Vidal, to market his team well and to attract attention soon.

An upcoming friendly match between Inter Miami and Real Madrid:

According to the Spanish website, "Defensa Central", there is an agreement between Florentino Perez and David Beckham to play a friendly match between Real Madrid and the American team, in the framework of the summer-friendly tour.

The site indicated that the two parties have not yet reached an agreement on the final date of the match and whether it will be played in 2021 or 2022.

Real Madrid is accused of growing in North America, as officials believe it is the most content in the world where Al-Meringi is not very popular, unlike South America, for example.

Both parties will benefit from the close ties that unite them to promote themselves, the Royal Club will benefit from Beckham's name for growth in North America, while Inter Miami will gain attention from all over the world if he plays against Real Madrid.

Are teams resorting to FIFA 2020 to fight the Coronavirus?

 Globular life has stopped in Europe and the world after the outbreak of the emerging Coronavirus "Covid-19".

Despite the efforts of the Football Associations to resume the season again, and the decision of the German government to return the Bundesliga in the middle of this month, things are still vague, and we cannot predict what will happen because of this epidemic.

With football stars spending most of their time at home to curb the spread of the virus, electronic games become their last resort to escape from bitter reality.

FIFA 2020 Football Club Last resort:

And in light of depriving everyone, whether players or fans of the fun of football, the game "FIFA 2020" came to save what could be saved by conducting more than one tournament between the famous players for the sake of getting close, even if by default the witch is round.

The Football Association of England has organized a championship for the game "FIFA 2020" in which more than a famous player such as Liverpool's Alexander Arnold and Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford, but Wolverhampton player Diego Jota achieved the surprise by winning the championship at the end when he beat Arnold with the golden goal after The meeting ended in a positive tie.

And the football fans watched that tournament with passion as if it was a real football match, amid the pessimism that dominates everyone after football has stopped for more than two months now.

The success and popularity of the FIFA 2020 game may prompt clubs to devise a way to keep the fans and even footballers passionate, and it may even lead to economic gains.

For example, what would happen if Barcelona's Lionel Messi plays Barcelona against his traditional rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, the current Juventus striker? Certainly, a match like this even if the duo is not good at it will be followed by many football fans around the world.

Such virtual matches will achieve gains that may not be significant, but they remain gains in light of the grinding crisis in football, which caused the players ’salaries to be cut in half, and reached 70% in a team like Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Organizing world championships under the supervision of the FIFA, for the famous players, and example setting up a World Cup for the teams in which one of the stars of each team participates, or creating a mini team of three players, it will be an excellent idea that everyone will surely follow.

Thinking outside the box and using technology with these electronic games such as FIFA 2020 may reduce the crisis that stops football until we return to normal life.

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