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 Prestigious Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is expected to return to socializing with other Milan players in their training by next Saturday.

The Rossoneri returned this morning to the Milanello Sports Center to conduct individual training for players, in preparation for the return of group training after the middle of this month.

The former Swedish international had initially requested a specific date for the resumption of the Italian league before returning to Milan..but according to recent reports, he agreed to return this week with the resumption of training in the Italian peninsula.

Ibrahimovic arrives in Milan on Saturday:

Milan started the individual training after a comprehensive test for the players and his staff, but Ibrahimovic must remain in quarantine for 14 days from the date of his return to Milan.

The La Gazzetta Dello Sport newspaper reported that Ibra is expected to arrive in Italy between tomorrow, Friday, or Saturday at the latest, which means that he will be ready to enter the team coaches training for coach Stefano Pioli on May 24.

Zlatan had tried to maintain his physical fitness for the past period, by training with the Hammarby team in the Swedish capital Stockholm, the club in which he owns a 23.5% stake, which he had bought last year.

Milan and Rome return to training .. Donnaroma and Bin Nasser, the first to arrive .. Video:

 Milan club opened this morning to the Milanello training center to receive players who will engage in individual training starting Thursday.

The individual exercises are scheduled to continue until May 18 of the coming month, with the traditional group exercises beginning thereafter.

Milan, like many Serie A teams, is awaiting the results of the meeting between the Italian Federation and the Technical Scientific Committee for the report of the medical protocol that will be settled to resume sports activities.

Donnaruma and his brother arrive at Milan training:

While the Roma club team got involved in the training for the first day at the Trigoria Sports Center, after completing the medical tests that were conducted on all the players in the past few hours, the players will be divided into 3 groups.

While the Donnaruma brothers (Gianluigi Donnaroma and his brother Antonio) were the first to arrive at the Milan Sports Center in addition to the young defender Matteo Gabia and the midfielders Lucas Pilia and Ismail bin Nasser, and it is expected that all players will come in succession in addition to the coach Stefano Pioli and his medical staff who are already in the sports center.

Italy has seen good news in the past few hours, with the increase in the number of cases of recovery from Coronavirus, with a decrease in the number of deaths and a significant decline in the number of positive cases, where 1444 cases were discovered in the last 24 hours to achieve this significant decline, where 8014 was discovered Yesterday's case, these numbers are record and positive since the beginning of the epidemic.

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