When Ronaldo returns to Italy and takes part in Juventus training

 Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo decided to return to Italy again and prepare to participate in the training of his team Juventus.

The Italian league competition has been suspended, as in the rest of the major leagues since March 9, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but the Italian Prime Minister announced that clubs can return and resume their training on May 18. In preparation for the return of the official competitions again in June.

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Italy tomorrow, Tuesday :

The Portuguese newspaper Ricord said that Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Italy again tomorrow, Tuesday, before returning to training.

Ronaldo spent the past weeks in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal, and spent a quarantine period alongside his family.

However, the Portuguese newspaper claims that Ronaldo will return to Turin on Tuesday after Juventus prepared for his stars residing outside Italy.

Cristiano Ronaldo will spend two weeks in self-isolation in Italy, before returning to training.

It remains now to be seen whether the Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain will follow the example of Ronaldo, as the current period is next to his mother in Argentina.

10 people with corona appear near Cristiano Ronaldo's house:

 The suffering of all countries of the world continues with the new Coronavirus, which affects most European cities as well, this time in a village in Portugal, particularly near the home of the star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Coronavirus appears close to Cristiano Ronaldo:

According to the channel, "Sky Italy". Coronavirus appeared in a village very close to the home of the star Cristiano Ronaldo, which is located in the village “Madeira” where the Portuguese star was raised.

Reports say that 10 cases appeared in a village called "Funchal", which is only 20 km from the home of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is serving a period of health isolation.

Ronaldo decided to stay at his house, accompanied by his wife Georgina, with his children and his entire family, after positive cases appeared on Bliss Matuidi and Danielle Rogan, my colleague at Juventus.

It is worth noting that Italy is the most affected European country by the "Corona" virus so far and there are no features about the return of sports activity in it at present or even two months from now.

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