What did Barcelona's loanees offer this season?

What did Barcelona's loanees offer this season?

 Barcelona has 9 players outside its walls this season, they play on loan to other teams in Spain and outside the borders of the country of Matador.

The Catalan team loaned a handful of players, some of whom would come out of the accounts and wanted to get rid of it in the coming period, while the plan for other names was that they had the opportunity to play more minutes and gain more experiences before returning to the Camp Nou.

Philip Coutinho:

Brazilian Coutinho, the Barcelona playmaker, left for Bayern Munich last August, and the loan period will end in June.

In the German league, Coutinho played for Bayern 15 times and participated as a substitute in 7 games, and he appeared on the bench twice without suffering any injury, with him being present on a total of 24 occasions in the team list.

In the UEFA Champions League, the Brazilian participated with Bayern in 5 matches as a base, twice as a substitute, and he appeared on the list 7 times.

In the German Cup competitions, Coutinho appeared on the list 3 times and played twice as a base and as a substitute.

This means that the Brazilian participated in 32 games with the Bavarian team for a total of 2036 minutes, scored 9 goals and made 8.


The Brazilian right-back joined Betis in the summer of 2019, returning to Barca under the loan agreement in June 2021.

Emerson and Betis in the Spanish league 23 times as a base and only once on the bench and suffered a suspension in one game, knowing that he was on the match list on 24 occasions.

At the level of the King's Cup, Emerson attended the list twice, participated in the first time and stayed on the bench for the rest of the time.

In total, Emerson played with Betis this season for 2145 minutes, spread over 24 games, was deaf to 3 goals, and made 5 others.

Carlis Alenia:

The Spanish midfielder is currently playing for Real Betis after joining the team for six months, starting in January.

Alenia participated mainly with Betis in 4 games and entered 4 other games as a substitute, and he stayed on an orphan event in the bench of 9 times attended by them in the team list for La Liga matches.

The player got to summon the coach twice in the King's Cup and he participated in both meetings mainly.

Alania's total minutes with Betis reached 648 minutes, with a total of 10 games in all competitions, during which he made two goals for his team.

Mark Kokoria:

In July 2019, Barca relinquished my disappearance from Kokkoria by holding a one-season contract, to attend the player in the Madrid team matches, mainly in the current season, and to provide distinguished work.

Kokkoria participated with Getafe in the European League, where he played 3 games as a base and played 4 times as a substitute and was on the bench once out of 8 games during which he was on the team list.

In the domestic league, Mark played 26 games as a basic and suffered a suspension for only one match, and played an orphan match in Cuba del Rey.

2730 minutes was the total minutes the player has played with Getafe so far, he scored a goal and made five more goals in 34 games in all competitions.

Ravinia Alcantara:

Ravinia Alcantara moved to Celta Vigo last September with a loan contract that ends in June 2020, to play with the team in 17 games as La Liga and two games as a substitute.

Ravinia missed the ranks of Celta Vigo in five league matches due to injury, and in the King's Cup, he participated in only one match as a substitute and was against Mirandas.

And the player participated in this with Celta in 1496 minutes in all tournaments with Celta Vigo, he scored two goals and made them similar in a total of 20 matches.

Jan Claire Todibo:

Barcelona sent French defender Todibo to Schalke 04 to confirm himself in the Bundesliga this season, with the loan deal to expire next summer.

The former Toulouse defender participated in the German League in only two games as a basic and 3 games as a substitute and remained on the bench in 3 other games.

In the German Cup, Todibo attended two main matches, against Hertha Berlin and Bayern Munich.

The player participated in 402 minutes with Schalke through 7 games in the League and Cup and did not score or make any goals.

Musa Wajih:

The Senegalese right-back is currently playing in the French League with Nice shirts, and his loan ends next summer.

Lion of Teranga was present on the Nice list in the French league 7 times, participated mainly in two games only, played three games as a substitute, and was on the bench in two other meetings.

In total, he reached 197 minutes with Nice in five games, during which he made two goals for the French team.

Juan Miranda:

The young left-back plays with Todibo in Schalke with a two-year loan that reaches the finish line in the summer of 2021.

Miranda played twice as a base with Schalke 04 in the German League and played two matches as a substitute and was on the bench 14 times, knowing that he missed two games due to injury.

In the cup, his position did not differ much, as he missed one injury game and participated in an orphan meeting as a substitute and was on the bench for one occasion.

295 minutes was the total of Miranda's minutes with Schalke this season during 5 games in all competitions, and during that period he made an orphan goal.

Oriole Busquets:

The defending midfielder was loaned out by Barca to the Dutch club Twente last summer, with the loan deal to expire next summer.

Little Busquets participated with Twente in 20 games as a first in the Dutch League and another as a substitute, while remaining on reserve seats once.

In the Cup competition, Busquets attended only two games as a basic, knowing that he played 1855 minutes with the team in all competitions through 23 matches.

Busquets made an orphan goal with the Dutch team, and that was in the Heracles Almelo match last September.