Thomas Muller has been with Bayern Munich for a long time

Tibas reveals the expected date of completion of the Liga

Javier Tepas, president of the Spanish league, said that the current season of the La Liga competition will not be canceled in any way, indicating in the same context that he is studying the return of matches on May 29 or on June 6.

The Spanish league competition stopped due to the spread of the Coronavirus in the country, and the local federation agreed that the games will not be played unless the situation is safe, and the Ministry of Health allowed this.

: Tips: La Liga will return on May 29 or June 6

"We are studying the idea of ​​resuming our local competitions again in Spain and other countries on May 29 or June 6, for European competitions we are talking about June 28," the president of La Liga said in comments highlighted by the Spanish newspaper AS.

He continued: "If we start the league on May 29, we will play the Champions League in July, and if we return on 6 June we will play all championships until July 31, and if we return on June 28 we will allocate July to the league and August for the champions."

He explained: "We do not want to cancel the season and do not think about it. We seek in various ways to complete the competition even if it was without the fans attending (behind closed doors), whoever wants to cancel the season, are the teams that are threatened with relegation."

He concluded by saying: "With these dates there is room for starting the exercises again, and at the end of the season there is no need to go after August, and therefore we will not affect the scheduling of the next season."

: Officially, Bayern Munich renews its contract with its star Thomas Muller

 Bayern Munich announced the renewal of his contract with his distinguished star Thomas Muller for a long time.

Thomas Muller's 30-year contract would expire with his Bavarian team in the summer of 2021, but the management decided to extend it for two seasons until the summer of 2023.

Thomas Muller is considered one of Bayern Munich's most important players since his escalation of the first team in 2009, and since that time, the German international has become an essential component of the Bavarian giant.

: Thomas Muller has been with Bayern Munich for a long time

Club President Carl Heinz Rummenigge spoke after the player’s contract was renewed, saying, “I am pleased that Thomas Muller has extended his contract for another two years until June 2023, and I would like to thank him and his representatives for the positive negotiations. I also thank Oliver Kahn and Hassan Saleh Hamidic for their great role in the success of That process. ”

While Thomas Muller spoke to Bayern Munich's official website after extending his contract, saying, "For me, Bayern Munich is not a place to work, it's my passion."

"The number one priority for me was to extend my contract with Bayern Munich, and the opinion of the club was similar to my opinion, and I am very happy that I will continue here for another two years, and I will do my best on the field to help the team achieve titles."