The consequences of canceling the French League .. Lyon moves judicially

 Olympique Lyon issued an official statement protesting the decision to cancel the French League this season, which will keep it from qualifying for European competitions next season.

Paris Saint-Germain has crowned the French League competition for the current season 2019/2020, after the competition was officially canceled and the current ranking table was approved. By decision of the Professional Association, based on government notes from the Prime Minister.

Lyon is in seventh place according to the current approved schedule, which will prevent it from qualifying for the European championships next season. Frustrated the leaders of the team that is currently active in the Champions League, and beat Juventus in the first leg of the round of 16 of the tournament with a clear goal.

An official statement from Lyon after the cancellation of the French League:

The statement published by Lyon on its official website: "This government position does not seem to require this final decision to cancel the French League and First Division competitions. The Minister of Sports had previously indicated the possibility of playing in August based on medical developments."

Leon suggested earlier, to consider an alternative solution that would allow the championship to end, and to maintain football integrity, which is in line with the European Union's proposals in a transparent and without discrimination.

Based on this solution, the club suggested that the qualifying system be used to resolve the fate of the season and that the calendar be limited to only 3 weeks that suit health restrictions.

The club confirmed that it reserves the right to appeal this decision and claim compensation. After the damage to the club, which swallowed tens of millions.

At the end of the statement, Lyon extended a special congratulations to Paris Saint-Germain for winning the French League, and the Lorient team for winning the First Division.

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