Real Madrid withdraws from the Jadon Sancho deal

Real Madrid withdraws from the Jadon Sancho deal

Real Madrid decided to withdraw from the deal of Jadon Sancho, the young Borussia Dortmund star who has caught the attention of the whole world due to his remarkable level this season and has become a requirement from top European clubs.

Jadon Sancho is only 19 years old, and has managed 14 goals this season in various tournaments, and made 15 others, with a market value of 130 million euros, according to the global transfer market website that specializes in determining player prices.

The Sun newspaper reported that the only two clubs who want to sign a serious deal with Jadon Sancho are Chelsea and Manchester United only, which means clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City have turned a blind eye to the deal.

 : The reason Real Madrid withdrew from the Sancho deal this summe

The Spanish network, "Defense Central," commented on this news, noting that the Royal Club withdrew from the Jadon Sancho deal because it focuses on other goals in the transfer market, represented by the signing of Paris St Germain striker Killian Mbappe and Erling Halland, Sancho's colleague in Borussia Dortmund.

The famous network indicated that the cost of Jadon Sancho will be very high, while the club wants to provide funds for more priority deals at present, especially since the crisis of the Coronavirus will affect all clubs economically.

Good news from Spain .. Valencia defeats Corona

 The Spanish club Valencia started to recover again after it had been announced recently that a large number of its first football team had been infected with the Coronavirus "COVID-19".

According to a report published by the Catalan newspaper Sport, the results of ten players, the first time, were positive, indicating that they had the virus, and after two weeks of quarantine, they recovered from the symptoms of the disease.

 : Corona test results turn from positive to negative

The report indicated that the results of all Valencia players came out negative after taking the second test, after re-testing the people who had caught the infection from the beginning and who did not.

The report indicated that this means that the period of the quarantine period was ideally accomplished, but despite that, the precautionary measures will remain applied to the players until further notice based on medical instructions.

The club had started the seventeenth of last March, announcing that 35% of the total number of members of the first team were infected with the deadly virus, and the injuries of Valencia players are due, according to reports, to the match they played in the Champions League against Atalanta in Milan.