Paris falls in the arms of Real Madrid to restore his defense

Paris falls in the arms of Real Madrid to restore his defense

 Paris Saint-Germain is in the arms of its Spanish counterpart Real Madrid to restore its defense next season.

The Parisian team is aware of the need to sign a new defense center to compensate for the departure of its captain, Thiago Silva, from Park de Prince at the end of this season.

And the wealthy of the French capital turned their eyes towards contracting French defender Rafael Varane, the heart of Real Madrid's defense, in an attempt to join him in the upcoming summer Mercato.

Paris monitors Varan's contract to replace Thiago Silva

The Spanish network, Spain's pro-Real Madrid, has confirmed that Silva will not renew his contract and will leave Paris, so he wants to include Varane to compensate him.

And the Madrid Network reported that Real Madrid rejects the idea of ​​Varane leaving the team in the coming period, considering that he is an untouchable player in the first team.

And Real Madrid may accept the idea of ​​Varane leaving, on condition that he pay the penalty clause in his half-billion-euro contract with the club, which is impossible to happen in the Mercato.

Manchester City knocked on Real Madrid recently, as it also wanted to include Varane, but the Madrid response was ultimately the rejection.

Chamberlain explains why he moved to Liverpool

Sport 360 - Liverpool international Oxlade Chamberlain, Liverpool midfielder, explained the reasons for his departure from Arsenal and his transfer to the Reds.

Oxide joined the ranks of the Reds in the summer of 2017 from the jerseys, for £ 35 million, after spending 7 years with the London team.

Chamberlain said in remarks reported by the British newspaper, "Mirror": "I will not say that I wanted to leave Arsenal because I did not think we would win titles, but only thought that I would not be able to play where I wanted to play and that's all there is to it."

Chamberlain talks about joining Liverpool

you like to be in and it is more than just a football club, it is a family culture

 didn't know if this thing was right or not."

 I played in the left front, and Hector Pellerin participated in the right side, then the places were changed in the next confrontation."