Messi defeats Ronaldo in a unique race

Messi defeats Ronaldo in a unique race

 Playing next to Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi is a great honor for all players of the world, as the duo is among the best footballers in history.

Many players did not have the opportunity to gain the honor of playing with Messi and Ronaldo, as only 12 players were able to win this honor, including seven from Argentina, three from Portugal, one from Sweden, and one from Spain.

The opinion of the stars who played with Messi and Ronaldo in the best between them:
According to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, the players who shared the shirt with Messi and Ronaldo have different opinions about the best between them, but the cuff tends to the Argentinian flea with a big difference.

 while the others refused to make the difficult decision in their comment on the two mentioned."

The newspaper added, that Ezekiel Garay, Gerard Pique, Angel de Maria, Henrique Larson and Fernando Gago believe that Lionel Messi is the best, and Gabriel Heinze chose Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nelson Simedo, Andre Gomez, Carlos Tevez, Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain and Deco preferred not to speak out, praising Messi and Ronaldo together without favoring one over the other.

Mbappe will drop its price to 40 million after the end of the Corona crisis :

 After the end of the Coruna virus, French politician Daniel Bendet expects a fundamental shift in the transfer market.

The prices of players, which have increased exaggerated over the past years, will decrease, and the football market will witness unprecedented changes.

Coronavirus caused the suspension of all football competitions indefinitely, which affected the economic side of the clubs that suffer from great losses for not playing any games and stopping the financial returns.

Mbappe will not be 200 million:

The Mondo Deportivo newspaper quoted what the expert, Daniel Bendit, said in a column in the newspaper "Quest France": "Mbappe will cost 40 million after all this, the price will drop to this number, not 200 million euros."

In this context, Real Madrid is one of the teams able to pay the required price in Mbappe, and will wait until 2021, when there will be only one year left in his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and he will be forced to sell it if he refuses to renew, to avoid losing it for free.