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A strange proposal to hold matches in the presence of the fans

Football fans are considered the beating heart that can only live with it, and once it stops it stops until it returns, but this does not seem to continue again after the return to the competitions after the end of the Corona pandemic.

It is expected that the football wheel will return to the rotation in the coming weeks, but behind closed doors, to ensure the safety of the fans, as well as to avoid what happened in the position of Liverpool and Atletico Madrid and confront Valencia and Atalanta .

The key to returning audiences to the stands:

According to the British newspaper (The Sun), the technique of "sterilization tunnel" may be the key to the return of fans to the stadiums in the English Premier League and the rest of the leagues, which is a cleansing machine that checks the fans 'temperature and sterilizes them, and the process takes only 12 seconds.

This technology allows sterilization of people and small things through passing through the fog of germs, fungi, and viruses, and this tunnel can be placed at the entrance to places that receive people to reduce the spread of the virus.

But the use of this tunnel should always be accompanied by precautionary measures, including wearing a muzzle and washing hands, knowing that this technique is resorted to in some airports and some of the daily functions necessary for life.

It is expected that the fans will not return to football fields until next year (2021), at a time when some European federations have decided to cancel the current football season.

A new step on the way back to the English Premier League

The English Premier League is sticking to the need to complete the competition this season, despite an outbreak of the Coronavirus, which forced French league organizers to cancel its results this season.

According to a report by the British Daily Mail newspaper, the association addressed the English competition clubs to consider recalling its foreign players who returned to their country during the crisis in preparation for the resumption of training next month.

Fernandinho and Willian are the most prominent Premier League stars who have returned to their country

The report indicated that some players abroad are allowed to return, but the efforts to return them to England may be complicated, due to the limited number of flights due to the pandemic, and among these stars are Fernandinho, Manchester City player, and Willian, Chelsea player.

In its letter to the clubs, the association stressed that no step would be taken to return to the matches without studying this and making sure that it is a step consistent with safety standards.

The British authorities hope that life will gradually begin to return to normal, with an emphasis on adhering to public health standards and the precautionary measures that must be taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection that has claimed the lives of thousands.

Premier League clubs refuse to complete matches at Wembley for this reason

The English Premier League clubs rejected the proposal of the English Football Association to resume competition games at "Wembley" due to the spread of Coronavirus, which has suspended sports competitions so far.

Although there are many advantages for the National Stadium in England to guard against virus infection, such as the presence of a large number of changing rooms and maintaining the distance between people as well as different entrances to facilitate the entry of clubs along with the possibility of establishing some matches per day for profits, that was rejected From clubs.

Premier League clubs refuse to play at Wembley despite the many advantages of the National Stadium

The Mirror newspaper reported that the refusal was due to a lack of playing on the club and that London clubs would be the biggest beneficiary since you formed the stadium in their city.

It is noteworthy that there were 9 rounds left until the end of the competition, and Michel Dejoj, head of medical affairs of the International Football Association (FIFA), advised the European associations to follow the path of France and cancel the current football season due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The French government decided today, Tuesday, to cancel the competitions of the current season of the domestic league (2020/2019), as part of a series of precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus.

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