FIFA decides the fate of the players' contracts, which expire on June 30

FIFA lawyer Emilio Garcia has talked about the issue of players whose contracts expire on June 30.

The FIFA legal director explained that due to the effects of the Coronavirus, the summer transport market will not open on July 1 as normal.

Garcia Silvero also admitted that the players ’contracts that will expire on June 30 cannot be extended as a result of the closing of transactions, so players can leave the current club at the end of the relationship.

The manager said in an interview with Radio Cadena Kobe: “FIFA cannot endorse the contract extension process until after June 30 ... but the transfer market periods will not be the same and players will not be able to sign with any other teams because the recruitment and registration periods of the players will change. 

According to the FIFA director, the loaned player will be able to return to his home club on June 30, when the loan ends. Theoretically, the player must return to his club ... but the market window will also be closed. ”

The Corona Virus crisis is expected to change many dates for football competitions this year, after the Euro and Olympic Games were postponed to 2021, with the World Club Championship that was scheduled for next year to be postponed to 2022 or 2023.

"Asian" star uses the Crescent star to educate the masses against Corona

 The AFC Champions League account, via social networking site, “Twitter”, sent an awareness message to soccer fans against the Coronavirus, using the Peruvian Andrei Carillo, who crowned the Asian title with Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia last season.

The AFC Champions League account posted a photo of Peruvian Carillo commenting: “We assume that Andrea Carillo enjoys his position as the AFC Champions League and therefore stay at home,” in a sign to direct fans to stay indoors and stay away from gatherings.

Carillo had crowned the AFC Champions League 2019 with Al Hilal Saudi Club after beating Japan's Urawa in the final (3-0), where the first goal ended with a clean and return two-way lead for the leader.

The Peruvian Andrei Carilo participated with Al Hilal Saudi Club in 26 games this season in various competitions where he scored 6 goals and made 6 assists.

Carillo joined Al-Hilal Club in the final period of the summer 2019 transfers from Benfica, Portugal, where he signed a contract with Al-Hilal leader that runs until June 2023.

The current period witnesses the cessation of sports activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as AFC competitions, due to the current conditions due to the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus.

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