Barcelona sets up a scenario to get rid of Umtiti

Barcelona is seeking to cut its budget for expenses by reducing wages for the senior players, so the Catalan club administration has put in place a plan to dispense with some of the stars, who are getting high salaries.

The French Samuel Omtiti is one of the players that Barcelona wants to sell in the upcoming summer transfers, to provide funds for new deals, as well as to get rid of his high salary.

Barcelona makes a decision on Umtiti:

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, Barcelona’s plan to overcome the Corona crisis includes the exit of the midfield duo Arturo Vidal and Ivan Rakitic in the upcoming summer transfers, in light of relying on the young duo Artur Milo and Frankie de Young.

The newspaper mentioned that the departure of this pair will not be sufficient, and that is why the Barcelona administration looked for more "victims" and chose the name of French defender Samuel Umtiti, who gets a huge salary and wastes most of the season on the injury bed.

Barcelona set 50 million euros for the sale of Umtiti, earlier, but this number will not be paid by any club in light of the financial crisis that hit all European clubs, so Barca developed a new plan to get rid of the French.

Barcelona is open to the idea of ​​giving up Umtiti with less than 50 million euros, but its high salary remains an obstacle for those wishing to annex it, especially since most of the teams are looking to reduce the wages budget.

The newspaper mentioned, that Barcelona is planning to loan Umtiti next season, with the inclusion of a mandatory purchase clause before June 30, 2021.

Umtiti gets 8 million euros annually, knowing that he signed a new contract with Barcelona in 2018 to cancel the penal clause, which was worth 60 million euros.

Barcelona reveals the latest developments in the Neymar deal:

 Neymar da Silva, Paris St Germain striker, suffered a severe blow, in light of his relentless desire to return to his former team Barcelona, ​​where a Catalan official considers this deal impossible.

The name Neymar was associated with joining the Catalan team during the next summer transfer market after Barca failed to regain it last summer because Paris Saint-Germain stuck to it.

Barca is also seeking to join Argentine striker Laataro Martinez, Inter Milan, to be the successor of Uruguayan Luis Suez in the next few years.

Barcelona official: Neymar's deal is impossible:

According to the Catalan newspaper “Le Sporto”, the Barcelona administration believes that the Neymar da Silva deal is complicated, and it is unlikely to close it next summer, for several reasons, including his high salary.

The newspaper quoted the statements of a senior official within the Barcelona administration, in which he said: “It is clear that we want to sign with Neymar, but we must be realistic. The return of Neymar is practically impossible due to the financial crisis (Coronavirus) and the budget cut, as he gets 30 million euro".

The move of Neymar to Saint-Germain caused the prices of the players to rise exaggerated, but this stage seems to have ended due to the economic crisis that hit the clubs after the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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