Barcelona sets a date for returning to training

Barcelona sets a date for returning to training

FC Barcelona has set a tentative date for returning to group training, despite the continued outbreaks of the Coruna virus, the lack of clarity soon, and the difficulty associated with predicting what will happen after two or three weeks.

The spread of the Corona pandemic raises anxiety and panic around the world, especially with his access to football, and his injury to many members of the sports system, and also caused him to stop many local and European competitions.

 : Barcelona will return to training on May 18

According to the Spanish newspaper "AS", the Barcelona administration, in agreement with the technical staff, decided to return to group exercises on May 18, despite the continued spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

Assuming the isolation would take longer, the physical coaches of the first team of Parsa had to adjust their plans to return to Sports City, where the team was supposed to train on April 27, and now it was late until May 18.

If Barcelona returns to the collective practice, the La Liga protocol requires the injured to be isolated in a single place away from the team's training place, with tests (Coronavirus) for all players and coaching staff.

It is reported that the Spanish Football Federation announced the suspension of the La Liga competition until the government and the Ministry of Health deem that the situation allows the contest to be resumed.

 : Barcelona fights Corona with a friendly confrontation

 The Spanish football team Iguelda announced on Thursday the establishment of a friendly confrontation against Barcelona, ​​the revenues of which will be allocated to the efforts to fight the Corona pandemic.

Spain is considered among the countries most affected by the new epidemic of Corona, where the number of infections up to the moment reached 110 thousand cases, while the total number in the world as a whole reaches one million cases according to the latest statistics.

 : Barcelona supports Corona's efforts to combat

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, Barcelona will play a friendly match against the Igualada team, to raise funds and help fight the Coronavirus, and the confrontation will take place when conditions are available and safe.

The region of Igualada, near Barcelona, ​​is one of the regions hardest hit by the Coruna virus, as it has a mortality rate that exceeds even Lombardy (the main region of coronavirus prevalence in Italy).

The third-class club said in an official statement: “Barcelona will meet Igualada in a friendly fund-raising match to fight the Coruna virus. This is an event that shines a ray of light in these complex times. ”