4 things would happen if the Bundesliga returned on schedule

4 things would happen if the Bundesliga returned on schedule

 There is optimism in Germany about the return of football to life in the next few weeks, given the decline in the number of people infected with Coronavirus in the past few days, and the ability of the authorities to contain the epidemic better than all other European countries.

Reports issued by German newspapers confirm that the Bundesliga will be the first championship to return to life in major European leagues and that there is no talk at present about the possibility of canceling the season, but rather work has already begun on the return of the championship after some teams returned to training several days ago.

And the media expects that the return of the German League will be on the 8th of next May, that is, almost two weeks from now, where everything has been arranged regarding the regulation and safety rules that will be followed, and only the approval of the authorities remains.

And if the German League succeeds in turning again at the beginning or mid of the next month, as everyone hopes now, this means that there will be many things that will happen in the next stage, which are as follows: -

German League growing in popularity:

The Bundesliga championship is not considered one of the major European leagues favorite for fans in different countries of the world, it comes in fourth place after the Premier League, LaLiga and Calcio in terms of follow-up and importance, but this will change soon if the German League returns before everyone else.

German Bundesliga matches will attract the attention of all football fans around the world because it is the only tournament that will be available, this would increase media exposure in an unprecedented way from all media, and the public base for the Bundesliga clubs may increase even after the crisis is over and the return of football completely.

Some in the last period began to follow the Belarusian league, which did not stop in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are talking about a tournament that we did not know anything about in the past, suddenly it turned into a world talk, so how will it be when we talk about a league is among the top five in Europe.

Other patrols will be encouraged to return
All it takes for football to return to life is for a major country to dare finish the season behind closed doors without a doubt. Then we will see governments in other neighboring countries agree to activate their championships as well.

The Spanish and Italian federations have already set out the plan to complete the season, but the problem is that the authorities are still opposing this matter at present, but when the whole world sees that the German league resumes without problems, this will speed up the return of other leagues, and most likely, the talk about canceling the English Premier League, which is considered The most mysterious at the moment.

Depression will decrease greatly:

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic led to a high rate of depression, frustration, and even anxiety and fear among a large segment of the population of this planet, especially after the harsh measures imposed by governments to try to contain the virus. The issue is no longer limited to an epidemic that threatens the lives of people only but extends to the psychological effects It also causes most of the entertainment.

Returning to watching matches on TV after the start of the German League championship will reduce the dark aura that we are living in now. It is an important message that life is still beating. If playing football is possible, everything else can return if we follow strict precautions.

The price of players rises again
Before the Coronavirus crisis, players ’prices had reached a level unimaginable in the past, but soon we started talking about price declines in recent weeks, especially after the transfer market global site reduced 9.2 billion of the total market value of all players registered in its data.

The current price drop is only a result of the football’s downturn and not for any other reason. We remember, for example, the famous global crisis in 2008 that affected all sectors, but it did not affect the prices of players negatively at all. On the contrary, we started seeing crazy price increases even We came to the standard Neymar deal.

Player prices are not closely related to global economic crises, so the Corona pandemic will indeed destroy the economy in many sectors, including football, but the effect on players ’prices will not be as great as everyone is talking about now, but all this is conditional on the return of the German Bundesliga on the scheduled date. Then the other leagues will follow.

The logic says that the prices of the players will start to rise gradually after the return of the Bundesliga and then the rest of the leagues, perhaps things will not return to what they were before the epidemic quickly, but at least we will not reach