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 At a time when all countries of the world have activated the emergency law to fight the Coronavirus, which has become classified as a global epidemic, football clubs are trying to reduce their financial losses as much as possible after the suspension of all tournaments indefinitely

There is more than one proposal at the moment that European clubs will resort to, but the most important and most prominent proposal is to reduce players ’wages, and all clubs are beginning to study this option and try to reach an agreement with the players who get paid now even though football is completely paralyzed

There are good initiatives from some players and coaches who have reduced their salaries on their own to reduce the financial losses suffered by their clubs, but these individual initiatives will not solve the problem, in the end a decision must be taken that includes all players and employees in the club

In Barcelona, ​​for example, the players agreed to reduce their wages by 30% throughout 2020, while the club suggested that it be reduced by 70% during the layoff only, and it appears that the players' suggestion is what will eventually be implemented, according to the Catalan newspaper

In England, studying the award of all players in the English Premier League 6 thousand pounds per week only during the period of stopping, knowing that the average wage of the player is 36 thousand, of whom gets a much higher salary, and some of them earn less than that, and therefore everyone sees that This suggestion will be suitable for all clubs

In Germany, all newspapers there confirm that the clubs will deduct 20% of the players ’salaries this season, and Bayern Munich players were the first to approve this proposal, pending the official decisions that will be issued later

Reducing the players ’wages will solve the financial crisis of the clubs, but!
It is not possible to estimate the size of the losses of each club at present because that depends on many factors, including revenue from selling tickets to attend matches, the fate of sponsorship contracts in the period of stopping, the variation in revenue from TV rights, profits from local and European championships, and most of all, Duration of stopping

Regardless of the estimated number of total club losses, some of the suggestions now available to reduce players ’wages seem to fully resolve the financial crisis. If we study the case of Barcelona, ​​for example, who will reduce 30% of the players’ wages throughout the season, we will find that he will provide a very large amount that will cover his losses and more

The Barcelona football team's wages bill is 552 million euros, which constitutes 53% of the club's expenses in general, while the total salaries in the club reach 642 million, which constitutes 61% of the total expenses paid by the club every year

If we assume that Barcelona will reduce 30% of the salaries of all players and employees, it will save approximately 192 million euros, and thus the club will have passed the financial crisis, because the club's losses will not be greater than this amount

But what must be noted, that we have prior consideration is that the season will be resumed in all countries at the end after the spread of the virus is contained, whether with or without public presence, while if not, the season is completely canceled, and preparation for the next season begins, then The size of the losses will be very large, and it is impossible to compensate for it by reducing 
players ’wages only

 :The first decision of the President of Real Madrid after Hazard's statements

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, decided to speak with the star of the royal team, Eddin Hazard, after the statements that were published on his tongue in the Spanish media in the past hours.

Hazard said in recent statements that he had made bad levels in his first season with Real Madrid and called on the Madrid public to postpone his judgment for the second season.

Perez knew what Hazard said and decided to talk to him, Spain's Defense Central reported on Thursday, and reported that the Madrid president was impressed by what the Belgian said.

Perez wants to rebuild Hazard again
Defensa pointed out that Perez believes that Hazard is a great star, but he should not flip himself because of his return to the royal team in his first season.

Perez wants Hazard to focus only on recovering from injury and be ready to participate with the royal team in the matches when competitions currently suspended due to the new epidemic of Corona "Covid 19" is resumed.

According to Defensa, Perez will communicate with Hazard to rid him of any pressure and give him 
the confidence needed to recover and restore his usual level in the coming period.

: The Curna crisis forces Inter Milan to sell Laotaro to Barcelona

 Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported that Inter Milan is facing economic problems that may force it to sell Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez to Barcelona during the next summer transfer window.

Barcelona is seeking to sign Martinez to support the offensive line and succeed Luis Luis Suarez in the future, but Inter Milan was refusing to give up the player, which means that the Catalan club will have to pay the value of the cancellation of the contract, which amounted to 111 million euros.

The newspaper pointed out in its report that the situation has changed a lot now after the crisis of the Coronavirus, which caused many losses for European clubs, and this, Inter may agree to sell Laotaro for an amount less than the value of breaking the contract.

Inter Milan suffers material losses before the Corona crisis
The Catalan newspaper quoted its rival La Gazzetta Dello Sport that Inter Milan is facing financial problems even before entering the crisis of the Coronavirus, despite the high revenues for his participation in the Champions League this season, but the player's wage bill also increased significantly after the assignment of Romelu Lukaku and Christian Eriksen.

The report added that Inter Milan suffers a financial deficit of 45 million euros, especially since there are 3 sponsorship contracts for Asian companies that ended in mid-2019 and were not renewed, and the matter will get worse now after the crisis in the world due to the Coronavirus, and therefore will have to sell some players To restore financial balance.

: Ryan East, the jewel of Lyon: I dream of playing in Real Madrid

Young striker Ryan Oriental, Lyon has expressed his desire to play in Real Madrid explicitly, amid the Royal Club's interest in obtaining its services as well.

Rayan Sharqi, 16, kidnapped the spotlight in the current season, where he managed to score 8 goals and make 3 others during 813 minutes in various competitions, meaning that he contributes to scoring a goal every 73 minutes.

According to the Spanish newspaper AS, the young French star of Algerian descent stated in a television interview, "My dream is to play for Real Madrid."

: Sharqi plans to move to Real Madrid

The newspaper pointed out in its report that Real Madrid is watching the player at the moment, and there are several clubs interested in obtaining his services as well, such as Juventus, Manchester United and Barcelona, ​​but Sharqi was clear and frank about the club he wanted to move to.

The report added that Sharqi plans to sign with Real Madrid as soon as possible, and to stay with Lyon for two seasons on loan, until he turns 18, after which he will go to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to start his professional career in a real way.

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